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"Ps. Daud menyampaikan kotbah yang sangat memberikan pencerahan bagi saya..."

Bp. GSV Lumentut (Walikota Manado)
disampaikan saat acara Natal 21 Desember 2012 di Rudis Walikota

"Ps Daud gave sermons enlighten me"  (Mayor of Manado City)
delivered at Christmas Event, 2012

MEANING : Although drunk, he still loves you, but you can not feel the love of Jesus


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NCC Manado is "Church without Religion" in Manado, North Sulawesi. We preach Jesus only and we understand that CHURCH is WHO we are, not WHERE we go. You doesn't come TO church, you come AS church

So, if you are in Manado, we welcome you to enjoy CHRIST in our Sunday Recreation: 10.00-12.00 wita @Hotel QUINT, Wakeke Street #12-14 (CP:+62853-9644-3232)

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